Q: What is CrystalCraft?

A virtual reality application for building atomic models

A tool for learning about crystal structures at the molecular level

A game for expressing creativity in a calm environment

A interdisciplinary, open source collaboration including students and faculty

and much more...

Download the latest version here


We are are proud that Crystal Craft is a free open source project

Please support us by contributing to our git hub page


this is early footage of the application from the perspective of an user

Our Team

This project was created in collaboration with various disciplines of SDSU students and faculty

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Carter Andrews

  • software engineer
  • web developer
  • game designer

Contact me

  • andrewscart@gmail.com
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Roselynn Conrady

  • mechanical engineer
  • content designer
  • material scientist

Contact me

  • conrady.roselynn@gmail.com
profile pic

Patrick Perrine

  • software engineer
  • game designer
  • film maker

Contact me

  • perrinepatrick@gmail.com
profile pic

Kain Kun

  • programmer
  • graphic artist
  • 3D modeller

Contact me

  • kainkun100@gmail.com
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Wenwu Xu

  • Professor of Engineering
  • SDSU faculty
  • material simulation specialist

Contact me

  • wenwu.xu@sdsu.edu

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